It's certainly been a unusal season for BYU, and Saturday night's game against Fresno State was no different. From equipment violations to some Almond Joy to end the half, here's the best of Twitter for #BYUvsFRESNO:

Two 22s on the field

BYU got flagged for an unusual penalty as No. 22 Squally Canada and No. 22 Hiva Lee were on the field at the same time on special teams. Naturally, this didn't go unnoticed on Twitter.

Almond Joy!

Rhett Almond surprised social media with a 46-yard field goal make to end the half. Almond's previous career long was only 38 yards out.

Not again ...

Let's just say that BYU fans on Twitter aren't exactly full of optimism this season. Saturday night was no different.

Um, OK?

Technically true ...

Keep the streak alive!