Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

In response to the recent op-ed "President Trump is doing his best to restore American values," Oct. 22, I am curious as to which "American values" Mr. Paey is referring.

Could it be physically intimidating and threatening jail time to one's opponent, or not immediately denouncing white supremacists? Is it lying and ridiculing people who are physically handicapped? Is it bragging about groping women? Is it demeaning former presidents of the United States and legitimate American heroes?

Let's not forget how he offended American five-star families and claimed to make phone calls to five-star families that were never made. There is adolescent bickering with a North Korean megalomaniac teetering on the brink of nuclear war. Let's consider the bid to end health care coverage for millions of Americans while proposing huge tax breaks for the very wealthy.

Are these Mr. Trump's American values? Are these the values we want to teach our children? I suspect that Mr. Trump still has a great deal to learn about American values.

Tom Lewis