Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

I recently observed a debate between Salt Lake City 3rd District Council candidates Phil Carroll and Chris Wharton, who are running to replace Councilman Stan Penfold.

Phil Carroll was very genuine. It's obvious he has carefully thought through the many problems facing our city. His answer to the homeless problem — that we need to care for and attend to these people now — is right on. Winter is coming, and homeless people cannot just be left out in the cold. We cannot wait months and months while government tries to decide how we spend money and which resources are best. Phil shows caring and human dignity in finding solutions to our city's problems. Phil believes neighbors working together can best help solve many of our city's problems. His many years of service to our community and working with people attest to this.

Chris Wharton, on the other hand, thinks that government — the mayor and the City Council — should have the say over what happens to our city. More government running our lives.

I think the choice is obviously clear which candidate would best represent our needs and listen to us. I think Phil Carroll is the best choice to represent us in District 3.

Ryan Randolph

Salt Lake City