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Cedar Fort
"Endowed with Power: How Temple Symbols Guide Us to Christ's Atonement" is by C. Robert Line.

"ENDOWED WITH POWER: How Temple Symbols Guide Us to Christ's Atonement," by C. Robert Line, Cedar Fort, $12.99, 152 pages (nf)

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints learn before receiving temple ordinances that everything in the temple testifies of Jesus Christ. However, the intricate symbolism of the ceremonies can be opaque and difficult to understand. C. Robert Line, Brigham Young University religion professor and author, wrote "Endowed with Power" to help all Latter-day Saints more clearly see Christ in the ordinances of the temple.

Line analyses the doctrine of the LDS Church as taught in temples and points out connections to ancient and modern scripture and Eastern and Western cultural parallels. With just the right mixture of academic research and spiritual testimony, Line provides illuminating context for all those seeking further understanding of temple symbols. In particular, "Endowed with Power" focuses on temple symbolism connected to the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

"Endowed with Power" skillfully preserves sacred truths while expounding eternal doctrine. Endowed members of the LDS Church can see many more connections than those who have not yet received their endowment, but all members of the church can learn from this book. The writing is intelligent but not overly academic, creating an easy yet stimulating reading experience.

Along with 25 years teaching with the BYU Religious Education faculty, Line has been a presenter at BYU Education Week, Women’s Conference and Especially for Youth, and he has worked for CES programs as an instructor and director for Institutes of Religion. He is also the author of several books and articles including "Understanding the Doctrine of God's Time" and "Pure Before Thee." He and his wife, Tamera Wright Line, have five children and six grandchildren. He lives in Cedar Hills, Utah.

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