Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

Upon hearing the news that KBYU would be cutting the Classical 89 radio program, my initial reaction was shock. After listening to a station daily for so many years, you start to assume it is a permanent fixture in your life. As this feeling wore off, I began to analyze what makes Classical 89 such an important part of my daily life.

As a mother of two small children, I look for small ways to enrich their lives on a daily basis. Each time we buckle up in the car is a new chance for complaints, arguments and extremely loud singing for them. However, since they were babies, all I had to do was tune in to Classical 89 and within seconds it was quiet. It’s not hard to figure out what is going on in their brains. Not only are they calmed, but they now have something to occupy their thinking.

I realize there may be other options for us to pursue once Classical 89 is no longer on the air. There are certainly many premium options out there on Sirius XM, Amazon and Google that I’ve heard about. However, a key word here is premium. In addition, the other programs I have tried in the past do not reflect the same quality. Classical 89 is an incredible service because it’s not only about listening to music. This is not just about the loss of a radio station. It’s a void in our daily life that I will have to try and fill. It’s a learning opportunity for my kids that I will have to seek elsewhere. This is about the loss of a unique, enriching experience.

Ashley Higbee

South Jordan