Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

Before we join in condemning Roy Moore for his opposition to the Supreme Court, and by association Mike Lee ("Why would Mike Lee endorse Roy Moore?" Oct. 26), two thoughts need to be considered. First, as Roy Moore has pointed out, the current concept of separation of religion and state is a judicial concept, not a legislative one. It is in fact a failed legislative notion.

Second, the Italian communist theorist Antonio Gramsci argued that communism's advance was thwarted by the population's adherence to Christianity. He argued that if religion was confined to private worship, its resistance to communism would weaken. The sole effect of the Supreme Court's "progressive" rulings has been to drive religion out of the public sector and into private worship. The Supreme Court's failure to differentiate between church and religion has led to demeaning the constitutional phrase "prohibiting the free exercise thereof" by circumventing the prohibition of Congress to do the same. While some might argue that communism is no longer a threat to American society, the point still remains. Taking religion (or God in any religion) out of public life weakens American society. Our enemies see this; why can't we?

Michael Thorpe

Cottonwood Heights