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Letter to the Editor

I completely disagree with kneeling before the flag. It disrespects all the soldiers, Marines and pilots who gave their lives to make America free. The American flag is a sign of our honor and freedom. When people, especially football players who are in a professional league, in front of thousands of people, take a knee and mock the blood and tears that won us our freedom, it just infuriates me. Both of my grandfathers fought for our country. One of them served in the Navy for four years, the other was in the Air Force for 30 years as a pilot and fighter. My great-grandfather was in World War II, and he brought ammunition up to the front lines for the soldiers. Disrespecting the flag is like saying that you wish that America never would have won its freedom. The flag is one of the most important things in American history, and I believe people should respect it.

Maggie Wilson

North Salt Lake