Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

Imagine sitting in a classroom for hours while temperatures climb to 96 degrees. The teacher, sweltering in the heat, has fans going full blast, but it doesn't really relieve the suffering. Students sit at desks sweltering in the heat. Everyone is just waiting for the bell to ring.

Syracuse Junior High is only one of many schools in Utah where adequate air conditioning is not provided. Computer classrooms and certain areas of the school have good air conditioning. Not all classrooms share that luxury. Community Council involvement, emailing my school board member, and other parents' involvement have yielded no actual results at this point.

I think it's time for every student, teacher and parent who is concerned about the excessive heat in their school to contact their principal, school district, school board member and state Legislature representatives. Together we can help communicate that students and teachers suffering in these conditions have difficulty caring how their new technology and curriculum makes learning easier when the temperature in their classroom causes sweat to drip from their faces.

Cindy Hellewell