Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Former player Max Hall watches during BYU football alumni day practice in Provo on Friday, March 31, 2017.

During the week he turned 50, Ty Detmer received a vote of confidence from another legendary BYU quarterback as the Cougars prepare to play Fresno State on the road on Saturday.

The BYU quarterback with the most wins and second most passing yards believes the Cougars' struggles on offense are more on the players than the offensive coordinator.

During an interview on ESPN 960 AM, former NFL, CFL and BYU quarterback Max Hall spoke to former teammates Ben Criddle and Cameron Jensen and said offensive players must take the majority of the blame for BYU’s struggles on offense.

“I’d put it more on the players. And I wouldn’t put all of it on Tanner Mangum. The tight ends and receivers haven’t been good enough to create separation to make plays in some games and in others when they have, Tanner hasn’t made right decisions or throws,” said Hall.

Detmer came in believing he could run a pro-style offense, said Hall, “and he thought Tanner could run it only to find out he struggled to make reads and couldn’t run it. He’s then spent the season changing it and tuning it to fit what Tanner could do, and it’s been an ongoing process.

“I can’t put it all on Ty. He came in with one plan and had to change it almost week to week. That’s a hard thing to do.”

Hall said Detmer was on to something when he created a game plan with Beau Hoge at Utah State, mixing in some read-run-option and zone reads, and Hoge excelled in creating a spark and some energy for the offense and entire team before leaving that game with an injury and 21-7 lead.

Asked if he had a choice of what quarterback to play down the November stretch, which gave BYU the best chance to win, Hall said he couldn't answer that accurately unless he had been in practices and team meetings but from what he's seen in terms of spark and playmaking, it would be Hoge.

Mangum has made progress since coming off a high ankle sprain at the end of the Utah game. Hoge has been cleared to practice this past week.