Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

I am concerned that BYUtv is headed in the wrong direction. New leaders often feel that they have to change things. BYUtv is good and solid. It performs a great service to the 15 million Mormons it serves. To eliminate wholesome and good programs such as "Lawrence Welk," "Antiques Roadshow" and "Sesame Street" is a bad idea. The promotion of programs that foster fake news and fictional stories is not only wrong but deceitful. BYUtv should seek out and promote true, meaningful and inspirational stories from the 15 million-Mormon database. There should be no room for fake news and fictional stories. Real-life, true, heartfelt stories from over the whole world of the Mormons would be an inspiration to all, and the promotion of all wholesome and meaningful non-Mormon stories, as well. BYUtv should make a big U-turn and get back to broadcasting good, true programs.

Halvor Olsen

West Bountiful