Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

With the current administration leading us toward isolationism, the question stands, “What can Utah do to show our global friends continued support?” The solution to this problem is that Salt Lake should lobby for the Winter Olympics in 2026. Utah already has the basic infrastructure from the 2002 Games and with some repair could use this bid as the means to showcase our state to the world. We must overcome two problems in order to host a successful games: 1) ridding our city of traffic congestion and 2) finding a solution to the dreaded inversion. Luckily, these problems coincide, and it will be an opportunity for us to be ingenious in developing new methods of sustainable transportation.

With the U.S. no longer working to combat climate change, this is a great way for Utah to pledge its continued unity to the rest of the world. Utah can call on innovators to help us solve our problems and through that be seen as an example to other nations. This global camaraderie will rehabilitate the image of the U.S. and put Utah on the map for future foreign trade opportunities and investments.

Gus Gochnour

Salt Lake City