Utah fans Michelle and Alex Harris, left, and BYU fans Krystal and Devin Payne have different rooting interests but similar humorous Halloween tastes.

SALT LAKE CITY — Alex Harris, a loyal Utah fan, was scrolling through Twitter on Halloween when he saw something shocking from a BYU fan.

It isn’t unusual for fans from the rival schools to stun each other with social media rants and ramblings, mind you, but this was a fun kind of surprise.

In this tweet, Devin Payne and his wife, Krystal, were shown posing in a Halloween-themed photo that was strikingly similar to one Harris and his better half, Michelle, had taken a few days earlier.

Similar pose.

Similar hilarious shirts.

Similar family-expansion situations.

Harris (aka @Utah_AM) sent his Twitter friend a photo and wrote, "Well this is awkward."

Awkward, maybe.

Awesome, definitely.

The two then exchanged funny tweets and memes about becoming best friends. Payne — or Sporty McSports, as he goes by on Twitter — also put the photos side by side and posted them in a humorous tweet.

“When they tell you that dirty Utes and dirty Cougs don’t think alike, they’re lying,” Payne wrote via his @SportsOutliers Twitter account. “(Harris) and I are now soulmates forever. #amazing.”

Speaking of #amazing, these shirts are just that. Both dark long-sleeved shirts feature the bones of a rib cage. The mom’s shirt also includes a red heart and a baby skeleton in her tummy; the dad’s shirt humorously reveals a burger, soda and fries sitting in his belly.

Harris and Payne have never actually met in person, but they’ve developed an amicable online friendship despite their differing collegiate allegiances. As Payne wrote, the discovery that their wives are both expecting babies (two weeks apart) and that they're sporting similar couples costumes (purchased through eBay and Amazon) gave them and others a good laugh.

“We’ve actually always been really cordial to each other despite my allegiance to the good team (BYU) and his to the bad (Utah),” Payne joked. “This just helped solidify that we’re a lot more alike than not.”

(With this kind of civility and fun, maybe this oft-bitter rivalry needs to celebrate Halloween more often — or just have more fans act like these two.)

“I would agree that while we both cheer for rival schools, we are very respectful to each (other),” Harris added. “We exchange tweets about the rivalry, but it's all in good fun.”

Payne has a head start in the baby department. This will be his family’s fourth child (all daughters). This will be the Harris couple’s first child (also a girl, which you might've guessed when seeing the pink bow on the baby's skull).

“We had already announced our baby,” Harris said. “We just thought this would be a funny way and easy way to do a couples costume and take while including the fact my wife is pregnant.”

The Harrises wore their shirts to a party last weekend, so it really tickled his funny bone (not shown in the shirts) when he saw Payne’s post.

“I was just scrolling through Twitter and saw Sporty's picture and couldn't believe what I was seeing,” he said, “because they are the exact same shirts.”

Here's hoping the couples accidentally dress their baby girls in similar costumes for Halloween 2018.