Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

The shocking news that KBYU is planning to discontinue the long-standing and successful Classical 89 format is rocking the arts world of Utah. Perhaps classical music isn't as popular as, well, "popular" music, but it is for this very reason we need to continue to have a readily available format for promoting it in our community and elsewhere.

Michael Dunn, managing director of BYU Broadcasting, tells us that we will all be able to access this programming through streaming and online sources. I believe he is wrong. There are many elderly, infirm, poor or computer-illiterate people who still rely on being able to punch a button to receive their media. Radio fills their needs (not to mention drivers without internet access).

KBYU's excellent announcers also inform us of local events and teach about the music they are playing. Anticipating this loss is tantamount to expecting the death of a dear friend. I am already in mourning, but with many thousands of others hold out hope that this ill-advised decision will be reversed. If not, this BYU alumna's donations will start going elsewhere.

Barbara Cramer

Salt Lake City