Utah State women's tennis senior Maggie O'Meara has collected 104 career wins, which puts her No. 7 in all-time victories at USU.

"The 100-win plateau in college tennis is very difficult to achieve," head women's tennis coach Sean McInerney said. "She's developed at a very quick rate compared to when she came in to where she is now. It's a really good testament to how hard she's worked and how the program's developed her. I'm really proud of her."

So far in her senior career, O'Meara has recorded four wins in singles and five in doubles.

"It feels really good. It's a big accomplishment for me," O'Meara said. "I'm really happy about it."

Getting to 100 career wins was one of O'Meara's goals.

"I'm glad I accomplished it, and I'm hoping to get more wins this year," O'Meara said.

O'Meara didn't know she was close to the accomplishment, but her parents did and texted her.

"I think they were counting," O'Meara said. "They were like, 'You got it.' And I was like, 'No way.'"

McInerney said he didn't know for sure how close O'Meara was but knew she was a couple wins away.

"It's exciting because that recruiting class that came in, her and Sabrina (Demerath), both have reached over 100 wins pretty much going into their senior year," McInerney said. "That just shows you how much tennis they've played for us and how valuable they've been. They're great role models to show the younger players that if you keep on working hard, stick with it and take advantage of your opportunities, you can be a big producer in this program."

In all, seven Aggies have reached the 100-win total during their career, including four coached by McInerney. McKenzie Davis and Nini Guensler each reached the top spots with 168 and 150 career wins, respectively. Demerath reached 100 last season and currently sits at 109 victories.

"We're bringing in very competitive girls that are not satisfied with the level that they came in at," McInerney said. "We have shown the ability to develop players year in and year out. We're bringing in, obviously, the right types of players. They're great students, they're great athletes and they've been great teammates. The longevity of the 100-win club says something about our program that they are getting the opportunity and they are taking advantage of the opportunities."

McInerney said he is proud that O'Meara was able to accomplish this feat.

"I know she has a lot more wins to go because she's playing very well so far her senior year," McInerney said.

O'Meara also feels she can add more wins to her total.

"I'm really happy about it since this is my last year here," she said. "I'm hoping to contribute more wins, and we have a great team this year. We're going to do really well."

Ashley Springer is a student at Utah State University studying journalism and communication. Springer is an intern with the USU athletic department's media relations.