It isn’t uncommon for NBA fans to dress up as players for Halloween, and people will do seemingly anything to elicit a laugh or a reaction.

Combine those factors with Gordon Hayward's well-publicized injury, and, for good or bad, you have the perfect storm for an out-of-the-box costume idea this Halloween season.

Instead of dressing up as zombies or superheroes, some people are paying homage to — or poking fun of — Hayward's broken leg for a costume this fall.

Depending on your feelings, this costume could be considered more ghastly than the grossest ghoul on your block or viewed as being the funniest costume since sliced bread (making the safe assumption here that somebody has dressed up like a piece of bread).

OK, had to check and … voila, someone has indeed dressed as sliced bread.

A photo featuring Justin Caskey is currently making the rounds on the internet. The Charlotte, N.C., sports fan recently dressed up in Hayward's No. 20 Boston Celtics uniform and got creative with the prosthetic he uses after having lost his leg because of cancer.

Caskey — or Captain Crutch, if you go by his social media handle — humorously responded to a friend who'd noted that one of the photos from his viral Instagram post made it to the front page of Reddit.com.

"Having one leg pays off again!" Caskey joked.

While Caskey's costume has received the most publicity — from the popular Reddit status to the Miami Herald and retweets galore — the Virginia Tech alumnus certainly isn't the only one who's had fun at Hayward's expense.

In Utah, a high school teacher and his wife playfully dressed up as Hayward's ankles. They made the much-larger-than-actual size couple's costume using cardboard and colored paper. In a tweet to this reporter, Jake Timpson, who was dressed as Hayward's broken ankle, sent his best to the former Jazz player, using a #getwellsoon hashtag.

A quick Twitter search revealed more Hayward costumes.

This one from Adrian Scarpa, whose Twitter bio describes him as being "a professional poker player, dedicated father and husband" from Vernon, Connecticut:

Canadian NBA fan Moe Mateen apologized in his tweet but tweeted it anyway, putting a photo of his version of the Hayward-inspired costume with a "Sorry but I had to" claim and a #getwellsoon hashtag.

While some Hayward costumes include crutches, this cheeky imposter is being pushed around in a wheelchair:

Dressing up as Hayward's injury is obviously a new development, but he's been the butt of costume jokes and imitation-is-the-highest-form-of-flattery impersonations in the past, too.

That includes by cute humans:

By cute animals:

And even by people, like Denver rookie forward Tyler Lydon, who didn't know they were in costume:

Which brings us to some questions about this topic:

Should we be enraged or entertained by these Hayward costumes?

Is is "too soon," as some have suggested, or will it always be too soon?

Is it OK to get a chuckle while re-enacting someone else's painful moment?

Many probably share the thoughts of Spooky Danny, who couldn't help but smile when seeing Caskey's creative use of his prosthetic.

As for the Haywards, Gordon's wife Robyn let her Instagram followers know how she feels about this new trend.

"Yeah not finding the costumes/pictures pretending to be my husband in pain too funny," Robyn wrote, "so don't tag me in them."