On Sunday, the chart-topping singer and actress spoke with “The Today Show” on Sunday about how the hit NBC show has become so popular in today’s society.

Mandy Moore said the hit show “This Is Us” could not come at a more perfect time.

The chart-topping singer turned actress spoke with the "Today" show on Sunday about why she feels "This Is Us" has become so popular in today’s society and why the opportunity to be in the show's cast "feels important."

“I think, like, there’s so much madness happening in the world and so much of the time I think we’re being forced to choose one side or the other," she said. "And this show kind of leaves all of that at the door and it’s about uniting us all.

“There’s so much that’s sort of represented on the show, and I think people can see a little slice of their own life,” she added.

Moore, who plays the loving mother Rebecca, on “This Is Us,” also spoke about her own hopes to become a mother. She and her fiance, musician Taylor Goldsmith, are hoping to have a family soon.

"I always wanted to be a mom," she said. “I think I was waiting for the right person and the right time, for that to sort of coincide. I think (motherhood is) definitely the next chapter for me — sooner rather than later.”

Watch the entire interview below.