Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

BYU's recent decision to discontinue its classical music radio format on FM 89.1 is both surprising and baffling. Classical 89 is among the top five classical music stations in the country in terms of market share. Why mess with success? And apparently BYU does not even have a clear vision of what its new radio format will be. This is a "classical" short-sighted decision.

With the demise years ago of classical music station KWHO, and more recently the discontinuation of classical music on KUER, Classical 89 has the field all to itself. If funding is an issue, sell more ad time. Besides, funding will still be an issue with any new format. There appears to be no rational reason to discontinue the very successful classical format. News, entertainment and variety formats are all over the airwaves, a dime a dozen. Now BYU radio will be just one of many and will no longer stand out. When I get in my car, the first station I go to is Classical 89. Now I won't be interested in BYU radio anymore. Please count me as a former listener, no matter what the new format becomes.

Phil Snow

Salt Lake City