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Robert W. Grover,
BYU offensive coordinator Ty Detmer confers with the offense during a timeout in Saturday's loss at East Carolina.

PROVO — Offensive coordinators up or down? Should they be in the press box or on the field a few feet from flying bodies, wide-eyed players and chaos?

Is it easier to sit in a press box, the equivalent of a bird’s nest, to get a view while enjoying the air-conditioning/heating and soft drinks where you have a table to set your charts and notes? Or is it productive to call plays from the sidelines where the feedback is instantaneous, and you hold one of those plastic sheets with colored marks on plays, a place cameras uncover all, from nose-picking to swearing and celebrations?

Well, it is an interesting decision. One that both BYU’s Ty Detmer and Utah’s Troy Taylor have wrestled with at times.

Utah coach Kyle Whittingham told reporters this week that his coordinator Taylor would leave the field and take a perch in the press box for the battle with Oregon.

Ty Detmer has vacillated back and forth the past two weeks whether he’d go up in the press box, leaving a sideline perch he’s loved in high school, college and years in the NFL.

Is there a right answer as to which perch?

Whittingham, who left location choice up to Taylor, explained: “Offensively, you are up there and you have a better perspective of the field. You can see more of what’s going on, you get a clearer picture of coverage and pressures and where they’re coming from.” He likes his defensive coordinator on the field and the offensive guy upstairs.

Detmer likes the ability to instantaneously communicate with players on the sidelines. His eyes-in-the-press-box the is the experienced Steve Clark, who works with tight ends. Detmer likes to look in eyes, and players ask, "What the heck?"

He conceded on ESPN 960’s “Coordinator’s Corner” that a play caller does see things better upstairs, and it is far more quiet.

“But there are times you want to go hurry-up or make changes in personnel or call Tanner (Mangum) over during a timeout or injury and ask him if he saw something a defense did.” Detmer said there is an advantage when you speed up the offense to not have to call down and have things “relayed” to the offense.

Regardless of where Taylor and Detmer sit this Saturday, their ability to produce better offense is critical.

Can they use drones?

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Boston College 28, Florida State 27: BC rolls fresh off Virginia win.

Penn State 34, Ohio State 28: Lions will perplex Buckeyes.

Georgia 37, Florida 21: Bulldogs have sights on playoff.

Washington 28, UCLA 24: Huskies outscore Josh Rosen.

ASU 31, USC 27: Look at those ‘Devils go.

California 27, Colorado 21: Bears have more firepower.

Virginia 27, Pitt 24: Anae’s offense rebounds.

Fresno State 31, UNLV 24: Bulldogs just better.

Boise State 33, Utah State 24: Bronco defense shines.

Utah 21, Oregon 17: Utes break losing streak.

BYU 24, San Jose State 21: Is it too late to start winning?

Last week 9-6; Overall 69-28 (.723)