Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

After watching last Wednesday evening’s 3rd Congressional District debate, I believe there is only one candidate that will ably and accurately represent Utah in Congress: Jim Bennett. All three candidates were articulate and well-versed in the issues, but Mr. Bennett clearly had more drive and enthusiasm for changing the status quo, and as a third party candidate, his opportunity to do so greatly exceeds the other two. Both other candidates will become soft-spoken, junior members of their respective caucuses and will have to answer to leadership operating under party agenda. Jim Bennett will answer only to Utah’s 3rd Congressional District. Think about it!

Kathy Allen ended her final statement acknowledging that she liked Jim Bennett, but offered the clever verse: “A party of one gets nothing done.” My question to her is what has the party of 192 Democrats done? Or the party of 248 Republicans? Are we in a better place for those large caucuses? It may be that parties of one and two will most accurately reflect the will of their constituents and as their voices become louder, bigger parties will have to stop and listen and then maybe we’ll see some change. With his passion and understanding, is there any doubt that Jim Bennett will not be heard?

Rose Wilson