A new video of Elizabeth Smart was posted on her official Instagram account on Thursday.

Elizabeth Smart posted a new video on her Instagram on Thursday morning. The short clip, produced by A&E, shows the young mom who was kidnapped at the age of 14 writing “We are not victims” on a chalkboard. The currently trending hashtag “#MeToo,” a social media movement that seeks to show the prevalence of sexual assault and sexual harassment, is shown at various points in the video.

“Everyone has a story. Everyone has had something that they’ve gone through, and when you meet people you don’t know that,” Smart says. “So it’s important to look closer so you can better understand them, better understand the world around us.”

Last week, after an event held at Brigham Young University, the Elizabeth Smart Foundation unveiled its new T-shirts, which were traded for a donation and carry the same message: “Everyone has a story.”

We Are Not Victims #metoo @AETV

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“Storytelling needs bravery because it’s scary to say the words, ‘I was kidnapped, raped and held captive for nine months.’ But I want all the other survivors out there to know that they are not alone,” Smart said.