Ricky Rubio recently gave Joe Ingles some really bad advice.

“Stick to basketball,” the new Utah Jazz point guard tweeted at his friend and former/current teammate.

The tweet, which included an “unamused face” emoji, was in response to the latest Jazz-centric commercial produced by Vivint.

For the record, Ingles didn’t respond to Rubio’s ribbing — at least not on social media — after playing the role of a job shadow.

Rookie Donovan Mitchell, who has a new ad of his own, was kinder in his response.

“Hahahhahhaha @JoeIngles7,” Mitchell tweeted. “I’m dead bro.”

(That’s a good dead, by the way.)

Here’s hoping Ingles doesn’t stick to basketball and does agree to do some more of these ads, which are reminiscent of the ESPN commercials that poked fun of personalities from the sports and SportsCenter worlds.

To date, Vivint has made five (Passion and Innovation) #LIVESHERE ads with Jazz players. Last season, Derrick Favors starred in two 30-second spots and Rudy Gobert took the lead in another.

Now on to an important journalistic endeavor, let’s rank this batch of in-house promos (with the understanding that none are as good as Deron Williams’ hilarious TNT-produced taxi commercial with Rainn Wilson or Dante Exum’s Foot Locker ads, and none are anywhere near as awful as Carlos Boozer’s cringe-worthy Overstock.com Super Bowl spot):

5. Warm welcome

Premise: An employee gets an NBAesque introduction at the office. Favors makes a cameo at the end, helping her out in the elevator.

Grade: B- (Entertaining, including nifty moves by Stacy the Vivint employee, but lacked a good punch line.)

Fan comment: “That’s great.” — @DianaAllen

4. Finger-licking good

Premise: Mitchell assists a colleague who’s a bit confused about how to properly gain traction at work.

Grade: B (Equally humorous and disgusting. Mitchell has a good screen presence and personality. Don’t be surprised to see him in more ads. Don’t take our word for it, either. From @VivintHome: “First of many, our friend!”)

Fan comment: “Oscar worthy performance” — Corey Haas (@HaasCorey )

3. High chairs

Premise: Favors gets involved in a high-level office competition with a couple of co-workers during a meeting.

Grade: B+ (Favors delivers straight lines even while goofy dudes humorously try to get above him.)

Fan comment: “Classic new @dfavors14 commercial!“ — Drew Wilcox (@BenelliBoy1)

2. 9-to-5 o’clock shadow

Premise: Ingles takes a job-shadow opportunity and the directive “Stay on this guy” very seriously.

Grade: A (Ingles as a job shadow is hilarious — from how he acts at the printer to the water cooler and everywhere in between. Fun acting by his boss and the poor guy he shadowed, too.)

Fan comment: “The legend that is @JoeIngles7 continues to grow.” — @cjs0712

1. High five!

Premise: Rudy Gobert comes up with a creative solution to give co-workers what he calls “a common form of encouragement” (aka a high five).

Grade: A+ (Everything about this commercial is delightful — from the stepladders employees needed to give Gobert a high-five to the way he delivers lines and how he executes the grand faux-nale.)

Fan comment: “Pretty funny.” — Trevor Booker (yes, THE Trevor Booker)

As for Rubio, Vivint Home apparently has its eyes set on teaming up with him in the future.