Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

I keep hearing on the news that our present health care system needs “Obamacare subsidies” or “federal subsidies” to keep operating. What are you talking about? All these so-called “subsidies” are taxpayer money.

Please, media, stop with the cute names. Recently I even read of “FAA money” used to purchase snowplows for our airport and “BIA money” to build a school on a nearby Indian reservation.

Enough, already. All federal expenditures come from the taxpayer. Even that sneaky “corporate tax” is, by necessity, passed on to the consumer (so it is just a hidden tax). Calling government expenditures anything else than tax money amounts to a cover-up. In fact, it could even be construed as the media "aiding and abetting."

Would it be possible for the mainstream media to just report the news accurately and honestly? It doesn’t look like the idea has ever occurred to them.

Charles Sturgell

St. George