Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

One of the main things that is wrong with our world today is the lack of values. A value is something you think is more important than anything else — more important than money, popularity or a one-night stand. Values are what you consider more important than what you feel. The best people in this world are those who battle feelings every day of their lives and don't give into them because of the values they live by.

The line that we used to hold to for our values has been slipping for many years. There was a time when a man would not cheat on his wife. Today, he says, “I won't cheat, but I will continue to watch pornography.” Or the person who says, “I would never steal,” but they cheat and lie on their income tax or on a loan application to get a better deal. The biggest feeling that people are now giving into is the notion that “I deserve it.”

Everything wrong with this world comes from people either not having any values or not wanting to live by them because of what they feel. People need to know that they are not the exception to the rule.

When you have values, and you teach them and live by them, you find great happiness in your life. When you choose not to live by values, the time comes when you or others will suffer because of actions that were based on your feeling of what you want now. One of the greatest things we can teach ourselves and our children is to “deny yourself.” Just because you feel like you want this or that, or that you want to do this or that, stop and think of your value line. Chances are that every feeling you have, when acted upon, will impact someone else. Some of the best people I know live by values, and they would not do anything to compromise them. They deny themselves.

Jan Evans

North Salt Lake