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Utah Jazz
The Whisper Game pitted Ricky Rubio versus Rudy Gobert.

SALT LAKE CITY — If you've ever played The Whisper Game, you know how difficult it can be to figure out what your friend or family member is saying while you have your ears covered.

The Jazz did this for one of their in-game video promotions, and it's a crack-up.

Watching Spanish guard Ricky Rubio try to figure out the English words that are coming out of French teammate Rudy Gobert's mouth is pretty dang funny.

To begin, Rubio laughed and proclaimed "It's impossible" after Gobert whispered, "Throw me an alley-oop."

"He's speaking French, for sure," Rubio joked.

It didn't get much easier after that, even when The Stifle Tower spoke two simple one-syllable words: "Slam dunk."

That led Rubio to declare "Pass!" which is what the Jazz like him to do to his teammates on the court but not in these situations. (By the way, Rubio became just the second Jazz point guard to dish out 20 assists in the first two games of a season. John Stockton (10 times) and Deron Williams (twice) were the other two to do that.)

But this game really got humorous when Rubio struggled to comprehend "Stockton to Malone."

Thankfully, Rubio eventually figured it out. If not, it might have been awkward for the Jazz point guard if he were to ever meet Karl Malone in the future.

Check out the fun video to see why: