Disney just released a new short developed by its summer interns. Walt Disney Animation studios shared a video on Thursday of a short film called “Ventana.”

SALT LAKE CITY — Disney just released a new short developed by its 2017 summer interns.

Walt Disney Animation Studios shared a video on Thursday of a short film called “Ventana.” The animation short, which runs for less than two minutes, was developed by the studio’s summer 2017 batch of interns.

The studio’s talent development program allows interns to work on their skills and learn about the filmmaking process, according to the video’s Facebook description.

The video, which took about two months to make, shows a girl watching a 2-D paper dragon come to life, zipping around and illuminating the walls, floor and ceiling of her home. The dragon’s wildness encourages the girl to leave her home, where she seems to have been trapped.

Ventana - Walt Disney Animation Studios Summer Interns 2017

The Talent Development program gives interns an opportunity to work with our mentors to refine their skills and understand how we make films. This past summer, our interns collaborated to create the short film, Ventana. Congratulations to all who worked on it!

Posted by Disney Animation Careers on Thursday, October 19, 2017

Apollonia Thomaier, who worked as a story intern on the short, said she’s happy she had the chance to work with fellow interns on the piece, according to a Disney blog post.

“I think one of the big things that I personally will take away is something about trusting my own instincts as an artist,” Thomaier said. “… It’s learning how to have a direct connection between your mind and your spirit and your hands. Learning how to trust your instincts when you first put down the drawing or an idea or write something.”

Viral news website Digg called the video “absolutely wonderful.”

“It's not every day that you get to see works produced by interns working at Walt Disney Animation Studios, and if the interns are creating works like ‘Ventana’ here, then we can't wait to see what their next step will be in their careers.”