Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

The following is why we have such a political divide in this country.

The wealthy, because they realize they don’t have the votes themselves to get more tax cuts and less regulation passed, know they have to convince average Americans to vote against their own self interests. These interests are quality affordable health care, simple graduated taxes, a clean environment, good education for their kids without huge debts, programs that help the poor, etc.

The wealthy and powerful use fear through emotional issues such as gun rights, religious freedom, gay rights, the flag, immigration, and cries of “Socialism” to divide the public. These fears are amplified by right-wing media and conservative money sources like the Koch Brothers and possibly even Russia.

The bumper sticker “The rich pay Fox people, to get the middle class, to hate poor people” says it all.

This approach has worked for at least half of the voters in this country who vote for Republicans.

Emotion “trumps” logic. How do we break this cycle? It must be broken or we are going turn into a third-world country of only oligarchs ruling.

Mark Rothacher

Salt Lake City