Adam Lau, AP
In-N-Out Burger signs, one the foreground from the fast food chain's original location, and one in the background at its new location across the Interestate 10 freeway, are seen on Tuesday, June 8, 2010, in Baldwin Park, Calif. (AP Photo/Adam Lau)

If there's one thing America can agree on, it's fast food. Kind of.

Business Insider recently partnered with Foursquare to determine each state’s favorite fast food location.

The study ranked each state’s favorite fast food spot based on the total number of visits divided by the number of locations in each state.

Chick-fil-A dominated the country, ranking as the top spot in 39 states.

Utah was one of the few exceptions. In-N-Out topped the Beehive State. Texas was the only other state where that fast food chain ranked highest.

Other outliers included White Castle in Nevada; Raising Cane’s in California; McDonald’s in Alaska, Washington, D.C., and North Dakota, and Wendy’s in Vermont.

Some social media members have questioned the validity of the list, especially in the case of New England, where Chick-fil-A topped all states.

Tweeters suggested New Englanders prefer Dunkin Donuts to fast food chicken.

Others felt similarly about their own state’s results.

McDonald’s had a little more success on last year’s list. In-N-Out was also more popular, racking up wins in Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California.