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BYU Magazine recently published an infographic of statistics about alumni post-graduation.

What becomes of BYU graduates post-graduation?

With the help of about 1,200 BYU alumni who responded to a recent survey, an infographic titled “This Is Us,” published by BYU Magazine seeks to show “the BYU alumni fingerprint.”

“Some of what we found could be expected (spoiler alert — BYU grads are overwhelmingly Latter-day Saints, they tend to have plus-sized families and nearly all were lost in Stats 121),” the magazine writes. “But, comparing the results, where possible, to national survey findings, there were some surprises too. BYU grads, it turns out, volunteer in their communities a full three and a half times more than the national average. And while grads overall lean conservative politically, more and more younger alumni describe themselves as moderates.”

Other interesting findings include the fact that 89 percent of BYU grads say their personal financial situation is excellent or good compared to the 41 nationally, as reported by a 2017 Pew Research Center study.

The graphic also shows that 99 percent of the 304,536 BYU living graduates reside in the United States.

And as confirmation to the heartfelt sentiment of many BYU alumni, the study found that the general education-required class, American Heritage, is among the top three classes most- and least-loved at the university.

See the entire infographic here.