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screen grab The Daily Universe
Reporters from the HuffPost recently interacted with student reporters at BYU's The Daily Universe as part of the HuffPost's "Listen to America" road trip.

A national publication recently collaborated with Brigham Young University's The Daily Universe to investigate issues facing Mormon millennials.

The Huffington Post's "Listen to America" road trip, a cross-country tour stopping in cities in Montana to Louisiana to give communities a voice, stopped in Provo on Wednesday. As part of their stop, HuffPost reporters partnered with The Daily Universe staff to interview about 60 students attending three colleges in Utah, with the majority being members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The interviewers inquired about the Mormon millennials' opinions on the Republican and Democratic party system, how they consume the news and how their faith influences their political views.

"While the findings are not scientific, the anecdotes followed a pattern," reads one article jointly written by HuffPost reporter Melissa Jeltsen and staffers of The Daily Universe. "Many millennials said they were motivated by individual candidates and causes, rather than political parties. Very few offered praise for the president. Most identified as moderate, and said they were more liberal than their parents. They distrusted both traditional news and social media, and said they felt it caused polarization."

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As part of the event, three BYU news media students — Carley Porter, Eric Baker and Ashley Lee — participated in a forum discussion with the HuffPost. The panel explored "misconceptions about the LDS faith, women’s roles in the church, political opinions of Mormon millennials, and how millennials are going to make a difference in the LDS church," according to The Daily Universe.

A video of the panel was shared live on Facebook.

Who Are Mormon Millennials and How Will They Change America?

HuffPost talks with — and about — the next generation of Mormons in Provo, Utah, and what they want from the future.

Posted by Listen to America on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

In the same article, Jeltsen said interacting with the BYU students was "positive" and "impressive."

"My perception of Mormon millennials was pretty flat prior to coming. I hadn’t really been exposed to any Mormons; I probably had a more stereotyped idea about who they were and what they’re interested in,” Jeltsen said in the article. “So actually coming, and especially meeting young … engaged academic driven students really shifted my understanding of Mormons."

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