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If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in posting something on KSL Classifieds, Utah’s favorite place to buy, sell and trade. Welcome! You’re in the right place.

In the first article in this 4-part series, we covered what you need to know to stay safe and avoid classifieds fraud. In this second part, we’re covering how to make the absolute perfect listing. How you list your item makes a big difference in how easily people find it and how likely they are to reach out and ultimately buy it. We’ll walk you through what to do and what not to do.

First a couple of examples. Susan is selling a used blender. Its okay that its not perfect. The goal is to make a perfect listing for an imperfect item. Just be honest, direct, straightforward, and represent the item accurately.

Example A: A Very Bad Listing (view gallery for the rest)

Ladies and gentlemen, the worst listing ever. (Okay, there is some competition for that title, but this one is up there at least.)

Example B: A Very Good Listing

And heres a listing that approaches perfection, if we do say so ourselves.


When you create a listing, the first thing you’re asked to do is pick a category for your item. It helps your listing show in relevant search results and also lets people find your item if they browse or search by category. If you have a specialty item to sell, you might not know which category to select. We suggest doing a quick keyword search to find similar listings so that your item appears in the same category as related items.

In the bad listing above you’ll notice Susan seems to have taken a bit of poetic license, listing her blender in “Hunting and Fishing” / “Skins and Taxidermy Mounts.” Even if she did use this blender to make bass smoothies à la Dan Aykroyd’s Super Bass-O-Matic ’76, it’s best to go with the category where most people would expect to find it — “Appliances” / “Other Appliances.”


There’s definitely an art to this one. Give yourself some context by looking around the web at similar items’ new and used price points. See what they’re going for on Amazon, Google and KSL Classifieds itself. If your price is negotiable, then say so in the description or headline (OBO = Or best offer). If you’re firm, say that as well. If you’re open to a trade or barter situation, by all means, state what you’re willing to swap. More on that below.


Good pictures are important. Get multiple angles, close-ups, wide shots and detail photos. On KSL Classifieds, 640 x 480 pixels is the preferred size and you can include just about as many as you want. You don’t need to use the highest quality photos because our uploader will convert the image to our specs regardless.

Be sure to use original photos. One stock image of your item isn’t sufficient. Take detailed pictures of the item and use those pictures to support what you write in the description. If you say there’s a dent in your motorcycle take a picture of the dent. Susan mentions that her blender container is a little cloudy in the description and shows it in the photos.


Your headline is critical to getting your item noticed. Remember buyers are scanning their search results and what you write here is what they’re going to click on. Get them interested by being direct and concise.

’t use a question to sell your item such as: “Don’t You Want This [email protected]# Blender?!). DON’T USE ALL CAPS (YOU SOUND CRAZY.) Just state specifically what the thing is and maybe if you’ll consider offers or if you’re firm. In the good listing example, Cheryl wrote: “Vitamix Professional Series 200 w Container – Red” and that’s all she really needs here.


Keep it real here. Include all essential information and avoid extraneous details about the item. (Duh, right? But you’d be surprised what some people post.) Sure it’s okay to say where you got the item and maybe a brief maintenance history, but save the stories about how the blender made you feel for your diary.

Read back through your description for errors before posting. Use spell-check. Really. Misspelling makes you look shady.

State your preferred method of communication — KSL email, phone call, text — and let prospective buyers know how quickly you’ll respond and/or when is the best time to contact you.

Be clear about your pricing and payment policy. We mentioned this above. “Price is firm” or “OBO.” And if you don’t want to be paid in pixie sticks and applesauce maybe say that here as well. “Cash only,” “Trades considered,” “Venmo,” etc.

If you do decide to cut and paste an item description supplied by the manufacturer, that’s ok, just make sure it’s accompanied by your own words up front.

Final details

Finally, before you hit post, look at your listing and put yourself in the position of the buyer. Are they going to be ticked when they drive down to Sandy from Ogden and they see this isn’t the blender they were expecting? “Sell unto others as you’d have them unto you.” And get ready to have fun meeting new people. Because if you list things right, you’re going to get a lot of responses!

Post your items today and experience why KSL Classifieds is the go-to website to buy, sell, and trade their stuff. And, Susan, if you’re out there, good luck with that Vitamix.

Our next article, “The Price is Right,” will be published on KSL next Friday. Stay tuned!