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“Troll 2” is about a suburban American family that goes on vacation to the town of Nilbog and then gets threatened by vegetarian goblins that attempt to transform them into edible plants.

Some movies are so bad, they're good.

And to find one of those, you don't have to look far.

"Troll 2," filmed in Utah in 1989 by Italian director Claudio Fragasso, tells the story of an American family who must ward off "vegetarian goblins that attempt to transform them into edible plants," according to the Deseret News.

Even though the movie has acquired a cult following of sorts, it has also had its fair share of critics, ultimately becoming known as the "best worst movie" in a 2009 documentary about the film.

We talked to some of the Utah actors who starred in "Troll 2" to hear their story about why they acted in the movie and what it was like.

A few of our readers, in a survey we included at the end of that article, said the movie was so bad they "couldnt get through it." Here are some of your other responses about "Troll 2."

"So bad I stopped watching. No sense in tolerating the movie to the end."

"Meh, it was pretty weird."

"My answer would be, 'Huh?'"

"It was so terrible that I couldn’t look away, but at the end I felt like it was the least productive 2 hours of my life. I felt as if my IQ had dropped as a result."

Deseret News readers also offered up some of their own "best worst movies." Here are a few of their selections below, along with some of their thoughts about the movies.

"Krull" (PG)

"Can't go wrong with a cyclops, a widow, and a glave..oh yea and fire mares."

"Schlock" (PG)

"Besides the bad storyline, bad costumes and acting, our family's favorite scene is when everyone runs out of a grocery store Schlock invades, and very clearly in the storefront windows you can see the camera crew and the extras line up behind them as they run from the scene! It's a classic!"

"The Fifth Element" (PG-13)

"In the beginning I thought my husband was punking me. He told me it was his favorite movie so I agreed to watch it. It was so far out, and I had nightmares about it for weeks."

"The Giant Claw" (NR)

"Terrible dialog. You can see the strings on the bird monster and the model airplanes in the tail. The monster is hilariously bad. Love the hairdo!"

"Cool As Ice" (PG)

"Terrible script with bad logic holes and hilariously bad acting by the cast involved, especially Vanilla Ice. One of the funniest bad pseudo-drama movies ever made."

"Being There" (PG)

"It has some great actors but lacks a solid footing in the thought process."

"Battlefield Earth" (PG-13)

"The corniness...especially when one guy has a map, and they're crossing over state boundaries. He says they couldn't be there yet because they haven't seen a 'line' yet."


"It is a few things. First, overacting and bad acting. Second, hilarious hikes in logic chain. Third, how serious the lead actor is taking the series."

"From Justin to Kelly" (PG)

"It is just so silly, and the way the costars immediately never wanted to talk publicly about it ever again is probably the best part."

"Dune" (PG-13)

"It is the worst movie I rented twice to finish! Really the worst. Best because I had to see the end and worst because it was so stimulating!"

"Pirates of the Great Salt Lake" (PG-13)

"Kirby Heyborne took the role very seriously and really hit the mark as a guy in modern times who really believes he is a pirate. The plot is unintelligible, and the rest of the actors show horrible range. I am not sure if the problem was directing or not. Mentioning this film still causes groans from all our family members. Truly an unforgettable experience, we've tried."

"Plan 9 from Outer Space" (NR)

"Great backstory, (Ed Wood). Continuity errors galore. Bad editing. Bad script. Bad acting. It has it all."

"The Polar Bear King" (PG)

"Girl falls in love with a talking bear."

Other honorable mentions:

The Adventures of Power (PG-13)

Joe Versus the Volcano (PG)

Somewhere in Time (PG)

Terror of Tiny Town (NR)

Feel free to contribute your movie to the list by answering the questions below.