"Studio C," a show featuring clean comedy troupe from Brigham Young University, airs on BYUtv.

BYUtv's "Studio C" has been enjoying a bit of fame of late, including an appearance on the front page of The Wall Street Journal.

Some big-time recognition for Studio C from the The Wall Street Journal today.

Posted by BYU on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

From making an appearance on Conan O’ Brien’s late-night show to garnering over one billion views on YouTube, the clean comedy troupe has been getting loads of laughs from their viewers, the The Wall Street Journal reported.

“Studio C has achieved sizable popularity on the internet, despite—or perhaps because of—its super-scrubbed brand of clean humor, such as a skit about a soccer goalie named Scott Sterling who accidentally, and agonizingly, blocks shots with his face,” the article stated.

The show, which is in its 8th season on BYUtv, is recognized for producing clever sketches that appeal to family-friendly audiences.

“To find laughs, Studio C uses familiar comedic archetypes, such as the ‘fish out of water,’ exaggeration and pop-culture parodies, says Matt Meese, 34 years old, the show’s co-creator and one of its 13 cast members,” said The Wall Street Journal. “They try to raise the stakes for every situation as far as they can go, he says. A unifying theme of many sketches is ‘struggle.’”

The cast’s YouTube channel, which has over 1.5 million subscribers to date, also attracts a nationwide audience.

“Here we have arguably the most successful university-based comedy troupe of all time coming from what the world would consider to be a conservative religious school,” Michael C. Dunn, managing director of BYU Broadcasting, told The Wall Street Journal. “Studio C’s popularity has validated the idea that “the absolute sharpest comedy is clean comedy.”

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