Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

I have lived in Utah all of my life and enjoy the quality of life that I have here. In doing some of my Scout work recently, I have watched the national news for five days in a row. This process has helped me better understand the national issues at hand. There is a lot going on around in the world these days. There are both tragic and positive things going on.

One of these issues is DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). I have heard that President Trump is looking to end this. There has been some research that has shown that DACA has increased wages and the labor force within America. It has also been said that DACA has reduced the number of unauthorized immigrants living in poverty within the U.S.

I believe that DACA, as enacted by President Obama in 2012, should not be removed as an official American immigration policy. One good thing about this action is that to be eligible for the program, recipients may not have felonies or serious misdemeanors on their records. It encourages immigrants to be good citizens. According to, research has shown that legal immigrants are more law-abiding, have lower incarceration rates and lower crime rates than native-born Americans, but this is not true for illegal immigrants, according to Ron Martinelli in his article that he wrote titled “The truth about crime, illegal immigrants, and sanctuary cities.”

I think if we take all of these minors and send them back to their native countries, it would cause them more harm than good. I think that anybody should be able to live in America and that everybody should have their rights. I think that there need to be more laws enforced to help these minors out.

Jackson Butler

South Jordan