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Carolyn Kaster, Associated Press
An article by Slate.com suggested former U.S. Presidential candidate and Mormon Mitt Romney could be the right advocate and adviser for Puerto Rico as it petitions the United States for help during its recovery from recent natural disasters

Mitt Romney saved the 2002 Winter Olympics. Now, Slate.com says the former presidential candidate, Mormon and Utah resident should be sent to save Puerto Rico.

The website says that, while Romney was not successful in his run for president, he is the person with the experience and wisdom to help the Island nation of Puerto Rico navigate Washington as it recovers from recent hurricane damage, financial problems and other issues.

The article by Daniel Gross suggested Romney's talents would be perfectly suited for an adviser-like role with Puerto Rico.

"Romney wasn’t a particularly good political campaigner. His instincts on the campaign trail weren’t always great. But his instincts in the boardroom are fantastic," Gross wrote. "He is able to make plans, strategize, and focus intently on execution. And he has demonstrated an ability not simply to get things done, but to do so with a sense of empathy and shared purpose. The president may not be capable of that challenge, but someone has to be."

The article recapped Romney's business career and political resume, including his accomplishments in one term as governor of Massachusetts. It also recounted how Romney stepped in to rescue the Salt Lake City Olympics following a bribery scandal and turned the event into an economic success.

Helping Puerto Rico could relaunch Romney's political career, the article said.

"The politics of this might be messy: Romney is not particularly liked by Democrats or Republicans. And he has been antagonistic to Trump. But there’s no downside for either party to embracing a role for Romney," Gross wrote. "If he should fail, they get to blame him. And if he succeeds, he’s now too old to parlay it into a run for higher office."

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