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Letter to the Editor

What is wrong with Hollywood? In all other industries, if consumers were looking for a particular version of a product, say, an automobile colored white, competitors would race to produce that product. For the past several weeks, and many, many more times earlier this year, my wife and I have wanted to go to the movies. We ended up staying home. We made a decision more than 20 years ago to avoid R-rated movies. For the most part, we had found R-rated movies are failures that had been "spiced up" by sensationalizing some portion of them. We also became disillusioned by R-rated movies after leaving the theater assaulted, insulted and/or offended. So when 70 percent of the available movies are rated R, and we have seen the other 30 percent, we quickly reach the point where they no longer have a product for me to purchase. So what is wrong with Hollywood? They really don't care about their customers.

Scott Crawford