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Lindsey Stirling holds a pose in her most recent music video, "Mirage."

UTubers covered a wide range of content in their music videos this past week. Lindsey Stirling released a recording of “Mirage” from her most recent album, “Brave Enough.” The Piano Gal collaborated with Kenya Clark in a mashup of “Amazing Grace" and “My Chains are Gone” by Chris Tomlin. Additionally, Carmen Rasmusen Herbert recorded a song with Alex Boyé as a tribute to the victims of the Oct. 1 Las Vegas shooting.

Lindsey Stirling released her latest music video, “Mirage,” from the album “Brave Enough” on Wednesday. Filmed in front of red drapery and dancing on Persian rugs, Stirling and her backup dancers perform a Bollywood style of choreography in this unique number.

Funeral services for Elder Robert D. Hales of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles were held Friday, Oct. 6, 2017 at the Tabernacle on Temple Square. Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles shared a few memories of his friend and associate during the meeting.

“As we sat together over these many years, I have witnessed the great courage and complete dedication of Robert D. Hales,” he said. “Many times I have reached over, touched his arm and held his hand, and in a small way felt the pain and difficulty he was experiencing. My dear friend has always been a hero to me, and I know he’s now relieved and at peace with his beloved parents.”

The Piano Gal collaborated with Kenya Clark on a mashup of “Amazing Grace” and “My Chains Are Gone” by Chris Tomlin. Recorded at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in Utah and complete with a grand piano on the scene, the music video shares a message of perseverance and hope. “We all have dark tunnels to pass through in this life, and there are steep hills to climb,” the YouTube description stated. “Hopefully you know that God will be there to rescue you, and He will carry you.”

It turns out stress can be just as bad for the body as eating junk food, said BYU professor of microbiology and molecular biology Laura Bridgewater. In her latest study, Bridgewater discovered that when “female mice were exposed to stress, their gut microbiota — the microorganisms vital to digestive and metabolic health — changed to look like the mice had been eating a high-fat diet,” the YouTube description said. Although the study has only been conducted on animals, Bridgewater said it sends an important message about how stress may impact humans, specifically females.

Alex Boyé and Carmen Rasmusen Herbert recorded “Anyway” by Martina McBride as a tribute to victims of the Oct. 1 Las Vegas shooting. According to the YouTube description, Herbert had been on vacation in Vegas only days before and wanted to give those who were affected by the attack some peace. “I always pray for comfort and healing, but I wanted to do more,” she said. “I hope that whoever listens to this will feel some tiny ray of hope, that when horrible things happen, you fight, you stay strong, you still dream, you still love, you still sing. This world can be so dark, and it’s hard to believe the light will continue to shine. Believe it anyway.”

The Devine family visited Cornbelly’s at Thanksgiving Point last week. From a pumpkin patch to a chicken show to a giant slide, there’s all kinds of fun to be had at this autumn festival.

"What's Inside" cut open a wristband that serves as a personal flotation device and a whistle for surfers or divers who are caught underwater. Watch the father-and-son duo discover what’s inside the airbag:

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