Utah Jazz fans nostalgic for the good-old days received a special treat over the weekend.

Hall of Fame friends John Stockton and Karl Malone enjoyed some time together β€” and, thanks to Kay Malone, there are some fun photos to prove it.

As popular Jazz blogger @monilogue wrote, yes, indeed, these photos from Kay's social media accounts bring back "all the warm fuzzies."

"What a great weekend we had with friends and a great win," Kay Malone (@mamail) wrote on her Instagram post after taking photos during LSU's 27-23 win over Auburn in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Saturday.

"Loved seeing the Stocktons and the Andersons. Probably our dearest and sweetest friends we could ever ask for. We laughed and talked about all our memories plus had to listen to some basketball memories. The best weekend ever.... #geauxtigers#proudmom #halloffamers #karlmalone#johnstockton #friendsforlife #lsu #63"

While it’s fun that John and Karl are still buddies after all of these years and that they get their families together on occasion β€” this time for Karl Malone Jr.'s football game β€” the best part might be that the old-school players still have their old-school flip phones.

Stockton and Malone played together in Utah from 1985 through 2003, forming the greatest pick-and-roll pairing basketball has ever seen. The two led the Jazz to back-to-back NBA Finals in 1997 and '98.

The better halves of the Jazz legends β€” Kay and Nada β€” have also maintained their friendship over the years.

Kay also retweeted this post from LSU sports information director Michael Bonnette with a "hugging face" emoji.