Business Insider recently released its list of the 18 hottest under-the-radar startups to watch in 2017, and Qualtrics, a software company that helps with market research and analysis

Silicon Slopes and Utah’s growing business sector received some New York Times treatment this week.

In a report about Utah’s “unicorn” businesses, The Times reported on how the state's culture often breeds entrepreneurial success.

Ryan Smith, founder of Qualtrics, told the New York Times that many Utah businesses embrace the bootstrapping method, or the idea of starting from the ground up with your business.

“Founders viewed their companies like they’re building the family business or a farm — they’re building them to keep,” he said. “With no outside funding, there’s no lifeline and you have to figure it out on your own.”

Utah has grown from its success e-commerce and data analytics companies, like Qualtrics and Domo.

Venture capital firms have slowly come to embrace the state.

And the Mormon culture breeds entreprenurial behavior, too.

“Some say the Mormon culture fosters a collaborative spirt among the area’s tech community, and the founders of unicorns regularly get together,” The Times reported.

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Utah’s imprint on tech has been noticed before. Forbes called Silicon Slopes the “new capital” of cloud computing, saying that the state’s “slow and steady growth” has attracted plenty of attention from Silicon Valley in California.