Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

Can we talk about bikes for a minute? I am not a bicycle enthusiast, but I do live in a city where people frequently bike on the roads. There are many cyclists that are perfectly respectful and smart — they use appropriate hand signals, stop at stoplights and remain vigilant for motorists. However, there are also many bike riders (I hesitate to call them cyclists) that either have never learned bike safety or completely shirk it. It seems like they decide to switch between auto and pedestrian rules whenever they fancy. "Blaze right through this red light by using the crosswalk? Ignore this stop sign? Don't mind if I do!" To these bikers I say: Please, please, take your safety into your own hands. I know we motorists are frequently terrible to cyclists (and we must work on this), but you are putting your lives in danger by being reckless. You are wrecking the reputation of your fellow cyclists.

Kimberly Sagers

Salt Lake City