Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

I was raised with morals and without religion. What I believe is that humans create gods and empower them through “belief.” The Romans and Egyptians empowered lots of gods. Those gods are now considered to be myths. Those gods informed society for thousands of years because humans believed. And so it has gone throughout human history.

I agree that humans have a need for spirituality, as in an attachment to something greater than oneself, but I find it illogical to participate in any one religion since there are so many to choose from. Each system may have some wisdom to offer. I remain open. I hope I have benefited from wisdom, regardless of the source.

When I die and go to the great voting booth in the sky — not a belief, rather a metaphor — I’ll vote for reincarnation because that would help me make sense of this life. Regardless, I do hope the variety of plants and animals and insects and canyons and mountains and rivers that I am spiritually attached to continue to exist. I worry about that.

Joyce Marder

Salt Lake City