Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

I am disheartened that our president, vice president and NFL team owners see fit to punish those who "take a knee." Whether or not I agree with their actions is not the point. I believe it is my obligation as a citizen of these United States to defend the right of anyone to express themselves fully and without censure, even if it is something that I oppose with my every breath. My support of their actions is by no means an endorsement. Rather, it is the pact, the compromise, we make as citizens of this country. In return, those with differing points of view must be allowed to express themselves as well. None of us should be punished for such expression.

Put simply, if there is anything in this country more sacred than the Second Amendment, it's the First Amendment. It is the foundation upon which our freedom is built. Eroding it brings us all down.

Peter Girguis

Acton, Massachusetts