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A driver hit a pedestrian while trying to escape police in Cottonwood Heights on Thursday, police reported.

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS — Two women suspected in a fraud case ran from Cottonwood Heights police on Thursday afternoon, police reported.

Cottonwood Heights police responded to a fraud report at a Wells Fargo bank on 1985 S. Fort Union Boulevard, said Unified Police Sgt. Ryan Shosted.

Officers arrived around 4 p.m. and saw two women getting into a car, according to Sgt. Chris McHugh. One woman immediately ran away on foot while the other drove the car into police vehicles.

The woman drove away from the bank, and police received multiple calls about a reckless driver. Following the calls, the police found the woman's car in a neighborhood nearby, according to Shosted.

The car sped away but hit a telephone pole and another car at 1740 E. Murray Holladay Road. The driver then hit a male pedestrian, Shosted said.

The pedestrian is in good condition, McHugh said, as the car had slowed after hitting the other objects.

The driver was taken into custody and the other woman is still on the run but is not considered dangerous.

He did not provide identities for either person as the investigation is still ongoing.

Shosted said Unified Police Department is investigating the crash and Cottonwood Heights Police will handle the fraud case.