Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

I applaud Sen. Hatch's Wildfire Disaster Funding Act. Our nation does an excellent job when it comes to responding to emergencies, but not so well when it comes to preventing them. Hatch's bill will allow the Forest Service to do its part in managing our forests properly, which in the long term should lead to less catastrophic wildfires. I would also like to extend this idea further. One reason for the huge wildfire seasons we have today is climate change. With our longer, hotter summers, the opportunities for fires to burn get longer every year. With warmer winters, bark beetles kill more trees, making forests more vulnerable to fires in the first place. So let's act to lessen the effects of climate change. We've seen huge costs from wildfires, not to mention hurricanes, and these will only get worse with time. If we put a price on carbon and return the revenue to families, we'll come out far ahead. Let's make excellence in prevention as important as excellence in response.

Steve Glaser