Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

The tragic shooting in Las Vegas illustrates again the need to find and interrupt the people who would commit these horrible acts before they carry them out. How do we find them? What are the common indicators? Assembling a large arsenal of weapons, particularly semi-automatic rifles and handguns, and a large stockpile of ammunition seems to be a common thread.

I believe the government can extract this information from records already in existence. Next, have ATF or the FBI investigate these people for the next indicators. Are they a loner, do they carry a grudge against a particular organization or group of people? If these indicators are positive, then a visit by the authorities would occur, an assessment made, and appropriate action taken, if necessary.

This may sound very Big Brother-ish, but would we rather have the government take actions that are contrary to the Second Amendment rights of all of us? We are proactive in fighting foreign actors that threaten our way of life, why not use the tools we have to fight domestic actors that do the same thing. We shouldn't let a few crazies deprive the rest of us of our constitutional rights.

David Green

North Salt Lake