Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

When will our Utah Republican representatives and senators crawl out from under the thumb and funding of the NRA and other gun lobbyists to pass significant, meaningful and appropriate federal legislation limiting the availability of weapons designed only for killing people?

They know they could pass effective legislation to reduce the increasing slaughter of innocent people without trampling on the rights of appropriate gun ownership or without taking away second amendment rights.

Mass killings with semi-automatic and automatic weapons are coming ever closer to home, and handguns are easily available in Utah for suicide or homicide. How can our representatives know, as they must, what’s going on at home in Utah and somehow still separate all that tragedy in their hearts and minds from appropriate action when they’re in Washington?

Does re-election and its funding overshadow all else? Will they cosponsor something ineffectual to look good to voters? Or sign onto legislation which will actually begin to make a difference, however small, in the availability of weapons? Are they not hearing from their constituents? Are readers and listeners and viewers not contacting them? Well, folks, get after it. And Sen. Hatch and Sen. Lee, and Rep. Love, Rep. Stewart and Rep. Bishop, do what the majority of us hired you to do.

Tom Metcalf