Kristin Murphy,
Rudy Gobert poses for photos during Utah Jazz media day at the Zions Bank Basketball Center in Salt Lake City, on Monday, Sept. 25, 2017.

Dan Favale of Bleacher Report released his position power rankings heading into the 2017-18 NBA season, and Rudy Gobert came in as the No. 2 center.

Speaking of Gobert, Favale wrote, "Other bigs have more perimeter responsibilities. They play within faster systems, their team schemes call for more switches, and some share more common ground with wings. But Gobert is a monster all his own."

Favale then broke down some of the things Gobert does on the defensive end of the floor, saying, "No one in the league contested more shots inside 10 feet, and even with that volume, he held opponents to clips 10.3 percentage points below their season average."

Favale then explained that Gobert is more than just a rim protector.

"Gobert doesn't stop in front of the basket. He hounded more isolation possessions per game than any Jazz teammate and hassled more spot-up shooters on average than Gordon Hayward, an actual wing," wrote Favale. "He also ranked third among centers in defensive distance traveled despite playing for a squad that curbed possession totals for both sides by dictating a painfully slow pace."

The only player ranked above Gobert in the power rankings is DeMarcus Cousins.

Speaking of the Jazz, ESPN delivered its NBA preview where it gave a projected win total, looked at the starters and the bench, looked at the best asset on the team and looked at what it call a best trade.

For the Jazz, the projected win total ranged from 40.5 to 45.1 with the best asset being Gobert.

Talking about Gobert's impact, Kevin Arnovitz wrote, "Utah's 7-foot-1 center is among the handful of guys who can truly change the game defensively. His defensive efficiency rating in 100.6 ranked second in the league to Draymond Green, and the Jazz have clocked in at seventh and third in opponents points per possession since he assumed the starting center role.

As for the trade, it's something that Jazz fans wouldn't be happy with at all. The move consists of trading Rudy Gobert to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Iman Shumpert, Channing Frye and Brooklyn's 2018 first-round pick.

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And finally ... gave its season preview of the Jazz where Greg Anthony and Rick Fox looked at what Rudy Gobert brings to the table on the offensive end of the floor.

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