Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

Darlene McDonald, Democratic candidate for Utah's 4th Congressional seat, says that a market-based approach to health care reform doesn't work because health care is simply too expensive ("The invisible hand struggles to help health care," Oct. 3).

I think she, and many others, overlook the very reason it has become so expensive: health insurance. The fact that very few people pay directly for their health care, from office exams to major medical procedures, insulates us from the reality of overpriced procedures, diagnostic testing done without thought of potential benefits and other excesses of our medical system.

While it is true that we can't price shop for lifesaving emergency care, the removal of market forces has certainly allowed medical care prices to reach unjustifiable levels.

Yet somehow, reform advocates think we can gain control of pricing by further removing medical care from the free market by putting it under government control with "single payer," "Medicare for all" (more likely, VA for all) and similarly worded proposals.

A reintroduction of market-based medical care, along with tort reform to bring malpractice insurance pricing under control, is the only way we will ever hope to bring some logic back to the cost of health care.

Drew Allen