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Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Ty Detmer walks the sidelines during warm-ups prior to game against Boise State Broncos in Provo on Friday, Oct. 6, 2017.

PROVO — Despite the season-long struggles of the offense, BYU offensive coordinator Ty Detmer has faced reporters every week and candidly answered tough questions.

Due to injuries and ineffectiveness, Detmer has had to alter his scheme. He was asked Tuesday to describe the offense he’s running now compared to the pro-style one he envisioned running before the season.

“We’re a lot different right now. Personnel-wise, we’re still built a little bit more for the spread," Detmer said. "We feel like we’re a little better in the gun quarterback-wise or scheme-wise for what our guys do.

“You want to get to a point where you’ve got the right guys in the right place for what you want to do. I’m learning a ton on the fly here as some of the nuances to a spread offense — zone read, bubbles, RPOs and all those things — I’m not as familiar with and not afraid to admit it. We’re all wracking our brains on what our guys do best and how we can get some yards out there, easy completions and things like that. We’re exploring all options.

"Defensive coaches are sharing some of the things that give them problems. We’re not just sitting there trying to beat our head against the wall and run the same thing every week," he continued. "There’s got to be a system in place then you tweak from that and kind of morph into what you feel like you can have more success with. I’m learning a lot this year about different schemes and different things. It will be good for the future but right now we’re taking our lumps trying to figure it out and coach the guys and have them execute it. It’s a work in progress.”