Screenshot, Rachel Ray Show
Copper Hills High School teacher Rickee Stewart recently appeared on the \"Rachel Ray Show,\" which is her latest appearance on network television.

Copper Hills High School teacher Rickee Stewart made a unique decision when she registered for wedding gifts.

She decided to register for coats instead because she wanted to give them to her students.

The Utah teacher recently appeared on the "Rachel Ray Show," which is her most recent appearance on network television, to talk about her decision. She previously appeared on "NBC Nightly News," where she shared her story about helping her students.

Stewart noticed that students at her school faced plenty of hardships, including the lack of food and warmth from cold weather. She saw some students would save their “lunches to give to their younger siblings,” according to the "Rachel Ray Show."

When she got married, she started a campaign to receive winter coats instead of gifts. Strangers across the country helped out, and soon she had more than 1,200 coats.

"The more we just kind of put this out there," Stewart says in amazement, "the more we got in return. It was amazing."

Watch her tell her story in the video below.