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Gary Czenkus
Bridger Bartlett was the guest of honor at the coin toss. Bridger is a kindergartener at LCA whose mother passed away one week ago. Bridger correctly called heads to give first possession to the Eagles.

LAYTON — The Kanab Cowboys entered Wilson Field home of the Layton Christian Eagles a 27.2 Parry Power Rating favorite. 

However, Layton Christian sent them home with a 7-0 loss.

The game was a mud-filled affair that would only get deeper as the game progressed. Drives for both teams were ended as the defenses stiffened and stopped fourth-down attempts deep into the offensive zone. 

The Cowboys took the second half kickoff and started to drive effectively down the field.  The drive stalled with a Cowboy fumble recovered by the Eagles. In addition to the fumble the Eagles came up with two interceptions, both by senior Malcolm Smauldon.

A grinding Eagle defensive line was able to get pressure on the Cowboy quarterbacks tallying multiple sacks and disrupting Kanab’s passing game.

The only score can early in the fourth quarter when freshman Jaice Holt punched it in from 2 yards on the quarterback sneak.

Kanab will host the Rich Rebels while Layton Christian will welcome the Monticello Buckaroos next Friday.